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Delivering energy with passion and pride.

Leveraging insights from East and West, we produce energy around the world safely, responsibly and ethically. Our global reach, combined with a small-company feel, allows us to take part in challenging projects and international opportunities. We engage talented, collaborative individuals—the kind of people who believe in doing well by doing right, and who share our commitment to delivering energy with passion and pride.

Who we are

About Nexen

Nexen is an exploration and production (E&P) company that responsibly explores for and produces oil and gas in Canada, the United States, South America, the UK North Sea and offshore West Africa.

About CNOOC Limited

CNOOC Limited is a global oil and gas producer that provides energy to the world. Not only is CNOOC Limited the leading offshore producer in China, with over 1.32 million barrels produced daily, we’re also a global energy powerhouse.

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Our business includes:

A wholly-owned subsidiary of CNOOC Limited, Nexen is truly global with unique opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and growth. The various perspectives of our global experts and diverse employee base help us innovate in ways that make our industry safer, cleaner, more efficient and able to overcome hurdles with greater ease.

About CNOOC Limited

CNOOC Limited is a global oil and gas producer that provides energy to the world. Not only is CNOOC Limited the leading offshore producer in China, with over 1.32 million barrels produced daily, we’re also a global energy powerhouse.


To do this in the current economic environment, we must continually manage our costs and drive operational efficiency in order to remain competitive in our industry.

Our people are one of our distinct advantages. Through collaboration across the business and by sharing a strong sense of pride, our teams inspire great performance and superior results. Having the right people in the right jobs is key to our success.

While there are challenges ahead for our industry and our company, I’m confident that we have the right talent, assets and technical capabilities to drive innovation and become a best-in-class energy producer that continuously exceeds expectations.

Our Vision

To become the centre of excellence for CNOOC Limited’s international operations in everything we do.

By achieving this vision, we will support the delivery of CNOOC's future strategy. To do this we must:

  • Achieve profitability by 2020.

  • Consistently deliver safe, profitable barrels.

  • Strengthen our social licence to operate.

  • Deliver on our asset based strategies.

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Safety First

“Safety is the foundation of our operations and is embedded in everything we do. We make the safety of our people top priority by applying and following our Life Savings Rules. This includes job hazard assessments, safety walk downs and consultation with everyone involved in the task at hand. My team has diligently worked to enhance our site safety by ensuring we are accountable, compliant and collaborative. Through a continuous focus on our safety deliverables, we ensure our workers to go home safely every day.

That’s what Safety First looks like to me.”

Rick, Operated Oil Sands, Fort McMurray



This requires our teams to Step Up and Be Bold, taking informed risks to achieve superior results.




At Nexen, Results Matter. That’s why our culture Values Feedback, which drives continuous improvement in everything we do.

Results Matter


Value Feedback




Through collaboration, we accomplish more than by ourselves. This Win Together approach ensures we Do It Right every day.

Win Together

“As our Business Development team works to secure future development opportunities for Nexen, collaboration is fundamental to our ability to deliver. From identifying the best places to grow, to guiding an above-ground review while assessing the economic viability all the way along, our success depends on aligning with teams across the organization. And since our projects follow similar evaluation paths, sharing our successes and learnings is critical as we strive to continuously improve.

That’s what Win Together looks like to me.”

Lana, Business Development, Calgary







Our Vision
Our Mission

To deliver safe, profitable barrels throughout the asset life cycle through the relentless focus on Operational Excellence and Organizational Efficiency (OE2).

Here’s what we’re doing across the globe.

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  • Liard
  • Horn River
  • Cordova
  • Rockies
  • Eagleford
  • Long Lake
  • Syncrude
  • Hangingstone
  • Appomattox & Norphlet Play
  • Angostura
  • Guando Field
  • Ettrick / Blackbird
  • Scott / Telford / Rochelle
  • Golden Eagle
  • Buzzard
  • Usan
  • AGC Profond Block
  • Flemish Pass Basin
  • Stampede
  • Liza Discovery
  • South Porcupine Basin
Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Strategy
  • Continuously improve our health, safety & environmental (HSE) performance in everything we do, focusing on safety first.

  • Strive to deliver profitability and shareholder value.

  • Enhance the value of our portfolio through optimization.

  • Capitalize on existing Nexen talent while improving organizational efficiencies.

How We Work

The Best of East and West—it’s what sets us apart.

Like every energy player, we are committed to responsibly developing our assets in a safe and reliable way that ensures long-term sustainability. But it’s how we work—by collaborating and integrating knowledge from East and West—that sets us apart.

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A culture of accountability.

We do great things for people who deliver great results. At Nexen, employees can play an integral role in large, high-profile projects that make a positive impact on the global community. We progress these exciting and challenging projects by focusing on increased collaboration and innovation in the areas of cost efficiency, people and leadership, and operational and functional excellence. Personal accountability is paramount. If roadblocks are encountered, it will be up to each of us to step up and recognize it, then own it and solve it.



Unlocking a higher level of performance.

Nexen is fully accountable for delivering superior results as a significant component of CNOOC Limited. This means that each of us is challenged to move to a higher level of performance every day—to exceed expectations and achieve exceptional performance.

Key Results

Building blocks for success.

While it’s important to set our sights on long-term goals, we cannot be successful if we don’t also remain focused on short-term deliverables.

Our Key Results are the building blocks that will drive future success. Each Nexen employee is accountable for collaborating across boundaries and playing a role in delivering our Key Results every year.

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2017 Key Results


Win Together 2017


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